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                • 油ξ煙凈化器安裝要求
                • 本站編輯:永利皇宫娱乐场發布日期:2018-02-03 10:17 瀏覽次數:


                (1) the kitchen fume purifier is suggested to be installed in front of the fan, which can make the purification effect better, and can also prolong the service life of the fan.


                (2) when the flanged pipe is used in the inlet of the inlet, we should pay attention to the sealing of the connecting port of the pipe and the connection of the equipment.


                (3) the oil and smoke purifier can be installed both indoors or outdoors.

                (4)嚴格按照使用要求,註意箱體可靠接地。 餐飲缅甸永利皇宫清洗方法 一、清洗周期 凈化器使用兩至三個月後需要清洗,在廚房油煙較多的情∞況下應縮短清洗周期,以保證凈化器的處理效果。

                (4) in strict accordance with the requirements of the use, pay attention to the reliable grounding of the box. Cleaning methods for cooking fumes and purifiers. First, cleaning cycle purifiers should be cleaned after two to three months. The cleaning cycle should be shortened under the condition of more oil fumes in the kitchen, so as to ensure the treatment effect of the purifier.


                Two. Cleaning method

                1、預處理網◆清洗: (1) 切斷電源,打開※檢修門。 (2)將預處理網拉出。 (3)放入卐清洗槽中浸泡十分鐘,輕輕將網上油汙清洗幹凈,並用清水徹底沖洗∑ 幹凈。 (4)將清洗後預處理網自然風幹。 (5)將幹燥的預處理網△按原位置放回缅甸永利皇宫。

                1, pre processing net cleaning: (1) cut off the power supply, open the maintenance door. (2) pull the preprocessing net out. (3) soak in the cleaning tank for ten minutes, gently clean the oil on the net and rinse thoroughly with clean water. (4) the natural wind of the pretreated net after cleaning. (5) the dry pretreatment net is put back to the oil fume purifier according to the original position.

                2、電場清理: (1)切斷電源,打開檢修門,取出電場。 (2)用清潔片(塑料片)放ζ 在電極板中間,貼著電極板由上向下移動,只需將電極板上大部分油汙清理掉∴即可,一次清理不幹凈,可以多次【清理。 (3)清理幹凈刮下的油汙,用清水※洗幹凈。 (4)清洗過▆的電場自然風幹(如仍有■少量油汙,不會影響產品凈化效果①)。 (5)將幹燥的電場按原位置放回凈化器,關上檢修門便可以重新工作。

                2, electric field cleaning: (1) cut off the power supply, open the maintenance door, take out the electric field. (2) use the cleaning piece (plastic sheet) placed in the middle of the electrode plate, and move the electrode plate upward and downward. Only remove most of the oil stains on the electrode plate, once cleaning is not clean, and it can be cleaned many times. (3) clean up the shaved oil and clean it with clean water. (4) the clean electric field is natural air dry (if there is still a small amount of oil, it will not affect the purification effect of the product). (5) the dry electric field is put back to the purifier according to the original position, and the repair door can be reworked again.


                Three people every day cannot do without, and making "meals" fumes and harmful gas is unavoidable, lampblack purifier has a good solution to this problem, although not completely ruled out smoke and harmful substances, but can reduce the intake of the human body. In the daily use, we should also pay attention to the cleaning of the oil fume purifier, in order to prolong the service life of the purifier. Although the oil fume purifier is cleaned more and more, the high frequency of cleaning can avoid the accumulation of oil.

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