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                • 如何選擇缅甸永利皇宫、缅甸永利皇宫怎樣才算達標呢?
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                Lampblack pollution is a worry for many people. Fume purifier can solve troubles and make the air better.


                How to choose the oil fume purifier?


                1, look at qualifications: Online manufacturers can check whether there is a national environmental protection product identification certificate. The user should choose the oil fume purifier, which has already obtained the certificate and with the detection report, not only do not worry about the inspection of the relevant departments, but also guarantee the purification performance and the quality of the product.

                2、裝設施:油煙凈卐化工程安裝方案的優劣直接影響用戶投∑ 資、安裝周期和設備性能跟設備壽命。用戶在挑選時候要▼認真評估設備方提出的安裝方案。

                2, installation facilities: the advantages and disadvantages of installation schemes of oil fume purification projects directly affect user investment, installation cycle and equipment performance and equipment life. The user should carefully evaluate the installation plan put forward by the device when selecting.

                3、勤保養:裝好設備並不等於高枕無憂,商ω 戶們還要註意保持清潔。設備在運行一定時期後,都會不同程度地出現汙垢ぷ,不及時清理會出現設【備阻力增大、凈化效率下降等現象。輕者會造◤成油煙超標排放,重者則有▆可能有損設備壽命。

                3, diligent maintenance: loading equipment is not equal to no worries. Businessmen should pay attention to keeping clean. After running for a certain period of time, the equipment will appear dirt in varying degrees. If the equipment is not cleaned up in time, the resistance will increase and the efficiency of purification will decrease. Lighter people will cause excessive emission of oil fumes, while the heavy ones may damage the life of equipment.


                How does the oil fume purifier reach the standard?


                1. The outlet of smoke outlets is higher than the height of adjacent buildings or access to public flue, and the outlet should not be directed towards residential buildings, roads, etc.


                2, calculate the air volume required by the purifier according to the number of the stove eyes. A benchmark cooker should reach the air volume of 4000m /h.


                3, oil fume purifier should ensure electricity and normal use, clean every 3 to 6 months, and record well.


                4. Ensure the airtightness of exhaust flue, and the concentration of soot in the exhaust gas is less than 2mg/m.