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                • 廚房油煙凈★化器常見故障及維修你知道多少?
                • 本站編輯:杭州東潤科技實業有◥限公司發布日期:2019-05-28 21:56 瀏覽次數:


                After long-term use of kitchen lampblack purifier, many restaurants find that the purifying effect will be reduced, leading to lampblack can not be well purified, and there will be a variety of strikes at work. Why? Today, with you to learn about kitchen lampblack purifier common failures and maintenance-related knowledge, respectively, as follows:



                Firstly, the heat of the motor is severe: the stator winding is partly short-circuited; the oil bearing is severely short of oil, so it should be cleaned and repaired in time to restore the purification effect.


                Second, the key switch is insensitive: motor torque decreases, speed slows, should be replaced with the same specifications of capacitors; should repair or replace short-circuit windings.


                Third, bad lubrication, heating and treatment methods: to properly refuel, if the bearings are damaged, the bearings should be replaced: each key switch can be locked, the mechanical function is good, but can not start the motor, should check whether the public connection of each switch is broken, if the break should be repaired; if one of the gears is not able to operate, the other gears are normal, should check whether the out-of-control gear is damaged or not. Or the connection will fall off; if the switch motor can run, it will not lock after loosening, check whether the conductive spring of the switch that cannot be locked can not contact with the conductive sheet, or the spring sheet of the switch will fall off and displace. The spring sheet should be adjusted or the switch should be replaced; the two gears should be locked at the same time. The displacement and deformation of the interlocking spring should be checked, and if the interlocking spring should be adjusted and repaired.


                Fourth, oil leakage of fume purifier: improper installation and insufficient elevation angle. It is necessary to re-install the suction oil so that it can flow smoothly into the oil collecting tank; the oil draining pipe falls off or breaks down, and the sealing strip of the oil collecting box is damaged. The oil draining pipe should be re-inserted when it falls off, and the damaged oil pipeline and sealing strip should be replaced.

                第五,油煙凈化□器漏電:電源線、電機繞組絕緣破損而碰殼,應包紮好破損處或換新線、新繞組;元器件進□ 水受潮,應查明進水原因,如果是排煙管安裝不當,應重新安裝,出口處稍彎下一些,以免雨水進入機內;元器件積汙過多,絕緣降低.應清洗汙垢,幹燥處理後運用.

                Fifth, fume purifier leakage: power cord, motor winding insulation damage and encrustation, should be wrapped up or new wires, new windings; components moisture intake, should find out the cause of water intake, if the flue gas pipe is not properly installed, should be re-installed, the outlet slightly bent down to avoid rainwater into the machine; components accumulated too much dirt, insulation reduced. Dirt should be cleaned and used after drying treatment.

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